Just confronted potential guy and said I was EXTREME. I don't think I was though?

This guy and I hung out last weekend. He said he really liked me and wanted to get to know me better. So after that, he texted me once a day saying he's busy and exhausted. Then he said he was going to be crazy busy the next two days before driving to my state border. I said cool no problem get back to me whenver. It was 3 days, but I took in account of what he was saying that he was busy. Didn't bother him. I texted him third day just to share some news. He replied fast. I replied back&then he stopped. I took it as he was busy, that's fine. Next day nothing. If I hadn't reached out to him, that would've been 5-6 days. I took that as ignoring. So I sent him a text last night. It was how I felt and a little anger. He replied that night saying he got my text and will address this tomorrow. As soon as he woke up he replied and basically told me I assumed & that I was extreme. That I mistrust people and says a lot about myself. Basically very defensive & pointed out everything I said, says sorry I was hurt by this but doesn't see what he did was wrong because I had no evidence. I responded and told him yes I assumed the worst but showed him some evidence. I didn't know how long his out of town trip would be. When he text me and then didn't respond I took that as ignoring. I told him I analyze and I like to think realistically/logically. Yes I mistrust others, but why would I trust others easily? I apologized to him for assuming but I stood by what I think is right. If you say you like REALLY like someone, you give them hope and you make time. Not I have to text them every single day. Just a small hey im working, ill get back to you later. Not leave you hanging. The kind of response he gave me sounded like he was writing an essay and didn't care. I told him I'm blunt and I like to put things in the open to discuss. I admit my faults and communication is the key. I asked him how felt and did he care? Waiting on response but was this too much? I don't think it was.

  • I think you said the right things
  • I think you were a bit extreme
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  • i think u did the right thing honestly

    • I just did what I "felt" was right. Honestly, yeah I assumed for the worst. But leaving someone hanging and ignoring their text isn't nice. I think talking about it rather than ignoring it is so much better. It leaves both sides aware and there won't be any unnecessary contacting and "what if this or what if that". I don't like games. I put everything on the table and plan.

    • ya i hate playing games as well

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