I argued with this guy and told him to have a nice life and he replied have a nice week- is he mocking me?

I confornted this guy and told him how I'm feeling. I didn't expect him to reply because he most likely doesn't give a shit. I told him hope he has great success on his projects, dreams and goals. Nothing negative. When he wrote me back his reply he said Have a nice week. Is he mocking me? I replied to him back but no response yet. Why would you say have a nice week. Instead, why can't you say thanks i wish you luck on your endeavors as well.

  • Yes, he is. Screw him.
  • He's trying to keep in touch with you regardless of the fighting.
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  • Well perhaps he didn't think his words through or something. What he wrote in and of itself doesn't have to imply anything. I say don't yet take it as an insult until he does something else that may come off as one.

    • When we argued I told him I felt hurt. He just said sorry that I felt that way and then disappeared/said have a nice week. I'm assuming he didn't even care in the first place. Really breaks my heart.

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