I have a friend who's never been friendzoned because of these steps he takes. What do you think of these steps and what do you think of him?

I was at my friend house watching the NCAA basketball tournament with one of his co-workers and his co- worker start talking about how he got friend-zoned again by another woman. So my friend had some interesting steps to avoid being friendzoned, steps I've never heard of before here's the steps.

1. Stay away from those who want to flirt to past time away. Its stupid to flirt. You know the "husband or wife at work" crap. Not just at work, anywhere for that matter.

2. If women only want you for friends, its not because you were too shy to let it be known for day one, (He then went on to say "you think that if a guy that looked like Idris Elba or Brad Pitt was super shy, would he be dateless?) its because you're unattractive but its cool for you to be a "fan" of theirs.

3. Focus on your career and make money. Be careful though because when money starts rolling in, women will start to take interest. Hard core golddiggers will at least be honest about liking a guy with money and are the only types of women willing to be 100% honest about money mattering.

4. Avoid women who wait for guys to always be-friend them first. You want balance and if you're always the one reaching out, then you're talking to the wrong women.

I only remember all of this is because my phone wasn't locked, and while in my pocket, my recorder came on lol. So when I heard it , I thought that i should share. Thoughts?


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  • Brad Pitt was probably dateless in high school.


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  • They seem like reasonable points to me.

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