Girls, would you date a guy with this population?

Would you consider dating a guy who likes you, but he's exstremly popular with the ladies.
Meaning his phone blows up by loads of girls messeging the hell out of him trying to get him to reply... Exploding comments on every single new profile pic he uploads on Facebook wth girl saying stuff like "your SOO cute" "so hot" etc and just strate out making it clear they like him...
Would you still date him considering his strong population with the females?
Would it not put you of if you were his and you saw all these females flirting all over him?


What Guys Said 1

  • It wouldn't put me off if my partner gets all those comments. What might put me off is HOW SHE REACTS on all those comments and all that attention.

    • What if they reply saying stuff like "thank you!" BUT only sometimes do they reply sometimes like "not as cute as you" ? Or put loves hearts at the end?
      Would that bother you?

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    • I would say thank you... But maybe compliment you back if I like you or somthing?

    • Yes, exactly.
      It's a normal reaction to say 'thank you' back to the comments, complimenting too, why not.
      I wouldn't mind it, it's being polite, being nice

What Girls Said 2

  • I'd just be his friend until he passed the test of 6 months time, still preferring me

  • Probably not.

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