28, Thinking about starting to date/meet people for the first time. How screwed am I?

So I'm 28, have finally gained some stability in my life and started thinking about potentially working to meet someone and/or dating. Late to the party, I know, but it's something that's been on my mind lately. Never attempted in high school, though there were some girls I liked, due to college and moving around afterwards for a job. Never attempted in College for largely the same reasons. (That or when thinking about trying anyway, discovered they had a boyfriend and dropped it. This seemed to happen with anyone I had an interest in, despite never getting close.)

I never really conversed with girls outside of work/class, so this will be an entirely new experience. One reason why is I never wanted to become attached or hurt others, which is unavoidable I guess. Been reading, listening and learning more about this, but I still am not entirely sure where to begin.

Some issues that I see:

1) I’m fairly introverted, have a busy schedule and live in the suburbs of a city. (Close to work) Basically every day from morning to around 8-9 PM my schedule is full. When the weekends come around, I usually don't feel like leaving my home.

2) Not the best body: I'm ~6'4" and 265 lbs. Been working on losing weight and have lost about 15 lbs in the past month. Between martial arts (jiu-jitsu, muay thai, kickboxing) and the gym, I'm usually spent energy wise.

3) Semi-Uncommon Hobbies/Interest/Knowledge: I'm not into sports, pop culture (celebrities, movie stars, ect), movies/TV. My main interests usually revolve around computers/technology, anime, manga, video games, internet, food (foodie), travel (been to France, Germany, England, now thinking Japan/Korea/SE Asia).

4) Passive Observer: Usually I don't make a move on many things unless I have time to research and investigate. This goes from anything from a game console, to a car/house, etc.

So, based on this... how screwed am I with dating?


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  • Oh you'll be fine. We would get along, chances are at least one other person will get along with you ;)


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  • My friend! there is nothing wrong with you. You just need to start trying to venture out of your comfort zone. Maybe you should try Tinder (or any other dating app) and see if you can get some dates out of it. Regarding your body, if a woman really does like you, that is not important; and if you start wanting to change your body do it because you want to.

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