Boyfriend booked a holiday for himself for a month away from me. 5th year in a row without going on holiday with him. He never takes me. Help 😢?

I'm with my boyfriend 6years this June. Every year since I met him he's gone away on lads holidays Amsterdam, Bulgaria , Spain , Berlin , England you name it. And has never once invited me or taking me on a holiday with just him. I work , I have money , I asked him the start of this year where we going for our first holiday together he said no where I'm going to Spain for month in may with luke. ( I don't even no luke) he booked the fights one day when we where fighting we weren't talking and he went ahead and booked it. I just feel so upset because he's going away for a month and again no holiday for me and him. I'm left sitting here in Dublin alone again. He went away last year and the year before and the year before etc. Also when I try ad talk about his holiday he starts a fight with me and ignores me and shuts me down when I try talk about it. I feel like he didn't once talk to me or even Consider my feelings about this at all. It's upsetting me he's leaving in may for a month. He's back 1 day before our 6 year anniversary and I said what we doing for it. He said nothing I'll have no money from my holiday. we keep fighting about this I don't no what to do. Also I do trust him, but a month away? Girls around in Spain like he's 22 . I don't even no who's he's going with. where literally fighting now about it, he's not talking to me and told me to leave his house this morning and that I was a bitter cow also he said he can't wait to get away from me and his responabiltys here. Please can anyone give me advice on what to do I'm really upset thanks so much xo


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  • I can only offer one piece of advice after reading that - leave him.

    A lad's trip away is fine once in a while, but 5 years in a row and his reaction to you confronting him is not on.

    • Thanks so much for reading that I really appreciate it, yeah it's just crazy situation he won't talk to me right now and keeps ignoring my texts and stuff , because I tried to talk about it this morning. It's very strange and not fair 😕 thanks again

    • I'm not sure how you've been with him for 5/6 years to be honest. He clearly takes any chance to get away from you with both hands and his OTT reaction is almost confirmation that he's up to no good while on these holidays. To echo the more colourful :-) response from MaskedSanity, you deserve better.

  • he doesn't have to bring you.


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  • Stop being pathetic and dump this asshole.

    Seriously, do you have any respect for yourself? The guy's a complete tosser that doesn't give a shit about anyone but himself.

    Six bloody years with this fuckwad, are you fucking serious?

    He treats you like garbage, doesn't want to spend time with you, doesn't even think of planning a holiday together even though from your post it's clear you'll be paying for yourself, calls you horrible names when you're upset with his bullshit and kicks you out.

    Oh, and those month long holidays he takes? Yeah, he's banging foreign chicks left and right.


    Get rid of all the things that remind you of him, cease contact, block him everywhere, erase him from your life because he is complete and utter scum. The only reason he comes back is he knows he'll get an easy fuck out of you because you have zero self esteem.

    Time to stop being such a doormat.