I like one of my bestfriend, but she has a boyfriend?

I'm in high school and I've known this girl for years, but we've never really talked that much until the past year or so. At the time I had a suspicion that she had a thing for me, but was into another girl at the time. About 6 months ago, we started talking quite a bit more than usual, and I was on the fence about asking her out, when a guy that occasionally hung out did, and have now been dating since. He's a decent guy, but she's way out of his league, and takes her for granted a lot. She never found out that I was into her at the time, and I moved on, but we remained friends. Over the last 3 months, however, the two of us have become very close, and she treats me differently than the rest of her guys friends. Her and her boyfriend fight off and on over little things, and we hang out often now and while she doesn't obviously flirt with me, it seems like she has feelings for me, but I'm not sure. We graduate in three months, and I'm definitely falling for her, but have am not sure if she feels the same, and don't know whether I should tell her, or bide my time and wait for them to break up.


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  • Wait for them to break up.


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  • Sorry to say, but you missed your chance before and now you have to wait it out. Do not tell her now how you feel. That is a douche bag move. Don't be a girlfriend stealer. Respect their relationship. Also, it is not up to you to determine if her current boyfriend is right for her or not. As long as they are dating you mind your own business.


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  • tell her you have feelings for her, and ask her where she stands on the issue

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