A guy who I was roommates with 6 years ago that we hung out all the time turned me down but is now interested. Does he really like me?

So 6 years ago this guy moves in as a roommate with me and his sister. We do everything together just me and him sans his Sister. We hang out and go to the movies and get breakfast together and he even takes me out for his birthday and pays for the dinner though I offered to pay. I started to become interested in him so I sent him a message via Facebook because I am shy asking him if we could hang out and get to know each other more and he said he's only been in the state for two months and that was it. We didn't ever hang out again after that and we were just roommates still. We didn't talk anymore about it. I started talking to this other guy and he WA like so when I walked in the other day where you kissing him and I felt awkward because this is the same guy that turned me down flat to figure. So I move out and a year later he asks me to go to the movies with him his sister and some other guy and at first I was going to go but I was butt hurt and turned him down. Never saw him again after that. But fast forward 6 years later and he is back in my life. He asked me for coffee to catch up after I reached out to let him know that I met a collegue of his. I went thinking it was a coffee catch up session to talk about work and our career so I suggested Starbucks but he then he suggested this restaurant/desert place. He paid and I was like okay. Then he asked me to the movies after which was right across the street and then he asked me to walk with him so I did. We went to the movies and after I we hugged good bye but then he held me tight and released me and held both of my arms and started to rub them pulled me close and stared into my eyes. By this time it was awkward because I mean he has been the King of rejecting me. He pulls me close and lays a solid kiss on me and we make out for a long time. He tells me he was interested in me then and then shows me the message he saved and kept. We read it together. Afterwards me made out a little more. We both didn't wa


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  • well one if a roomate situation new to town can you see why he would turn you down. If something went wrong it messes things up really badly. about the walk in catching kissing that means he liked you if it bothered him.

    flash forward so maybe after year or so you moved out he decided that you guys could see where it could lead. without anything but a few hurt feeling if it didn't work.

    If you both are single and both like he other i wouldn't see where it would hurt to testit obviously there is some feelings and attraction there.

    • After we left that date he was distant
      I texted him and he texted back a day later and apologized for the late text and we texted for a short time. I texted the next day and I told him I was suprised by how the night went but was happy he was bold enough to ask me after a few years. He texted back with a smiley face and nothing else 20 minutes later. So I just texted back goodnight cause I felt he just text back a smiley face because he didn't have anything to say. Waited two days to see if he would contact me first and nothing so I called him and he didn't pick up. He calls me back the next day and apologizes for missing my call. He then says he was just at a friend's house playing cards but that he wasn't out partying or anything he was just sitting bored playing cards. I didn't ask him to explain. None of my business. Talked 40 mins. Now 2 days later I haven't heard from him.

    • hmm that all sounds kinda off if you proceed i would proceed carefully. not usually how most new relationships start and it sounds like that was what he wanted. could be not knowing what to say but he could of always changed subject. it just sounds like he is distant and there could be a reason.

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  • You said he's interested. That usually means he likes you.