Why are the guys I meet doesn't take me seriously?

I've been wondering about this. I am a simple girl who doesn't wear make-up and wear casual clothes mainly jeans but still feminine. Lookwise, I am NOT hot but more on the cute side as a I look way younger than my age. Guys approached whom I dont know at all or friends of friends and the sex topic comes first all the time. I don't get it at all. When you meet me, I'd say I'm not like my friends who are outgoing and into dating. I am a shy type but I can hold a conversation with guys. I dont think that I flirt very well.

What could be the reason guys treats me like this? There is even one who straight up ask me about sex when we were not even close. I dont think I have an appeal to give them such idea.


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  • Maybe becuas EOF the "look younger than my age"
    Younger than 18-24 is a minor..
    So yea..


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  • Usually, sex is always on the back of a man's head. The difference between good guys and bad guys is that they don't put sex in the same order and their intentions are different. The good guy wants sex IN a relationship and the bad guy wants it quickly without any relationship.

    So, the first step is to work on your confidence (it's not only the look. confidence goes a long way). Also, add a little something to your style that will say: ''i'm there'' ex: if you like jeans, put some heels with it to add a little something. If you don't want to have the cute girl look, go for a feminine more classy look.

    Secondly, be aware of your body language. Sometimes, men can easily decode that. Sometimes, even the look on your face can tell a lot without you noticing it.

    Last but not least, be aware of your entourage. Did you talked to a so called friend who throw your personal experiences under the bus? does people know your businesss? OR maybe it's the wrong crowd (concerning friends friend).

    Hope it helps.

    • thank you for your detailed answer, i appreciate it :)
      i am wearing heels (wedge) most of the time coz im short.

      like what look for example? i kinda dont get where you're getting.. :(

      hmm they know that i dont go out much... maybe they think that im easy? but actually it's te
      the opposite.. i dont know..

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  • Go for the ones who want a relationship with marriage being the end goal. All the others want is a few dates and sex. Men are pigs the trick is to find ones with apples in their mouths and go after them.

  • You need to learn a thing though that men are sex crazed animals.
    Don't go for overly sex crazed ones. Sex shouldn't be the first and ONLY talk while talking to the opposite gender.
    Stop worrying , maybe you aren't meeting the right to nd of men?

    • yeah, that's why i find it odd that sex is what they want to talk about more than anything else...

      hope you are right..

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  • Guys that age are immature and sex crazed.

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