Is this a good letter to write to a girl?

So I met this girl in an online dating site and we are both content creators. Would this be a good message to send her?

Dear A,

I hope you’re having a good day. It’s B (B) from... I haven’t been able to contact you on that site and wanted to explain myself. After you gave me your Twitch I decided to check it out and actually saw you playing live for a bit before I had to go. I want to say you do a really good job being an online entertainer. Kind of curious though, what’s the weirdest thing that has happened when you were ever live on Twitch?

Honestly, after talking to you I can’t get you out of my head. You’re an amazing person and have so many talents. I think it takes a very talented and artistic individual to run a Twitch and YouTube. I would really like to get to know you in person. As my profile says I’m 1_ years old, I live in _____, ___. I’m an outgoing person and I already linked you my YouTube and Website to show what I do in the online community. I want to grow and get better at creating content but that will come with time. I also have other interests as I plan on finishing my pilot’s license after schooling and many other goals to complete.

If you would just give me a chance I can show you what kind of person I am and I promise you won’t be disappointed. Maybe we can even go get Sushi or something sometime haha. I genuinely want to get to know you as a person. I think it could be an incredible time. And we both share a huge interest in online entertaining and I think we could really help push each other to be our best self. Worst case scenario you get a funny story to tell your stream!

Ps. I made you an outro for YouTube. I attached it to the email. Hope you like it. It’s 1080p at 60fps.



Updated it a little bit. Changed the question to: Kind of curious though, what got you into Twitch in the first place?


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  • And she hast to answer to all of that? Does the girl already like or know u?
    First paragraph sounds boring the question at the end is nice

    Second paragraph sounds like a completely new letter and the girl will think "thanks for your honesty but I already knew that after reading your first paragraph"

    Third one is more like begging "I'm such a great guy please give me a chance"

    So it depends on the girl and her alternatives
    In my opinion just choose one of them. The direct and honest one or the indirect one but don't mix everything up and don't do the begging


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  • ... w... t... f... f...

  • Cringe as fuck. You're asking her out via a letter?

  • Way too long - and way too needy

  • Kinda feel weird commenting on your email (it feels a bit like an invasion of her privacy that you have shared it somehow) so I won't - just be yourself.

    I will say you shouldn't try to attach a full HD video to the email - a rule of thumb with emails is to keep the size below 10MB (max. 25MB if both you and the recipient are using Gmail or a service that explicitly states they allow a larger size)

    • *sorry 18MB for Gmail, 7MB otherwise (forgot to account for encoding overhead)

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