Will he think I'm a stalker? How do I tell him I've moved to his town?

So i have the opportunity to move to a new town for work. I've been talking lots to a guy online who lives there. We have met up once, things seemed great, but i live about 20 hours away and he said he didn't want to become attached because of 'the distance'. (I don't know if this is true, or an excuse though). I will admit that i have been applying for jobs in his town because i can't just walk away from the amazing connection i have with this guy. I am prepared to do this to satisfy the part of my mind that says "what if?". At the moment this guy and I are not really talking anymore as it got too hard and seemed hopeless. I don't think i can tell him that i am living in his town once i move there, because i am afraid he will freak out, thinking it makes me seem too keen and/or clingy and/or a stalker. What should i do?


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  • Mums the word
    I wouldn't tell him neither
    Especially since the self admittance of looking for work in his hometown
    Ya didn't find that a bit extreme without discussing the dynamics of your relo before ya quit communication?
    I'll be honest with ya, in my personal opinion, I do believe this is kinda stalkerish behaviour.
    I definitely would not tell him
    He might shit
    Unless he wants something with you
    Then maybe ya can make it work
    Which in that case you would have to communicate with him.

    • I do find it extreme but i am not willing to give up on him. I guess i will just have to bet on him finding out that i have moved there, without me actually telling him.

    • Then tell him that b4 you move
      Because the other way is being more of a stalker

  • Just tell him you have the opportunity to move there and see how he reacts. Just softly bring it up

  • Why would he freak out? Sounds like it would be fun!

    • well, guys get hung up on the idea of a girl being 'too interested'. And i'm scared it will scare him off. Like who move 2000 km to be with someone who they are not even dating... stalkers...

    • I don't know, what's the worst that could happen?