How to go about asking a girl for commitment/be my gf?

This girl and i have been talking, its clear she likes me, weve already kissed and had sex last time we hungout.

Obviously id like her to be my girlfriend but asking " will you be my girlfriend" seems like a childish approach. What should i say when the time feels right?


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  • Girls want to feel special. When you ask her say something like... You know how you feel and don't need lables to define your feelings towards her but you want the world to know that she's yours and you wanna live up to what she deserves, etc.
    Most girls I know just love it when guys show emotion too.


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  • It's hilarious that you're perfectly okay to become intimate sexually but having a normal conversation seems difficult?

    If you want her to be exclusive, which seems pretty reasonable if you're having sex, then just tell her that. Not during sex, but over dinner perhaps.

    Maybe something like, "Hey, we should probably talk about expectations if we're going to continue having sex... I mean, I like you and I want to keep seeing you. But I'm not really into casual sex, STD's aside, I don't like sharing I guess. Ha! How do you feel and where are you at with us?"

    It's perfectly okay to discuss each other's expectations. It's important that you have your own... and you're not just asking for hers so that you can jump through hoops to meet her expectations. Because that's needy and gross.

    If she's not on the same page then it's in your court to either accept her needs (like maybe she wants to keep things simple and open to other people) or you walk away.

    Asking her to be your girlfriend isn't specific enough... it doesn't tell her that you don't want her sleeping with other people, and that you don't want to be sleeping with other people... know what I mean?

    I hope this helps,
    ~ Robby

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    • Well, the sex happend once kinda just escalated. But no i get what you mean, but you basically implied being someones girlfriend or boyfriend doesn't mean " we dont sleep with other people" i was always sure if i was someomes boyfriend that its an exclusive, lol.

    • I'm with you... once I'm someone's boyfriend we're now exclusive... but it has to be said out loud, it's a mistake to "assume" your girlfriend sees things the same way as you, or that she should just "know" what you expect, and visa versa... at least in my experience. :P

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  • (As a girl I prefer guys don't come as straightforward as you suggested ) how about going on few serious dates.. tel her you like her and show her you're committed to her.. after a while ask her to DTR


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  • Pretend you're in a chick flick and pronounce your undying love