Girl told me to ask a her friend for her number? I'm 17?

So I was walking and talking with this girl. She seemed interested I our conversation and pretty nervous (in a good way) but when I asked for her number she told me to get it from her friend (she was nice about it not mean). She did have to leave when I asked this. I was just wondering if this is a sign that she's not interested


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  • It's a neutral thing. It doesn't mean she is interested though.

    • So it doesn't mean she's Def not interested?

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  • That's strange... possibly her friend is interested in you, and this girl is just fishing information out of you for her friend

    • No the friend is taken

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    • Are you sure? she sounded genuinely interested. When she talked to me she stumbled over her words a lot, Was verbally nervous, and held conservation with me (I could tell she wasn't faking emotion)

    • Heck, if she were interested in you she wouldn't have no qualms about giving you her number. Although I would like to read females perspective