Is it a good Idea to date a guy who doesn't know if he wants a relationship with the girl`?

So long story short my sister has a crush and is involved with a guy who said he wasn't sure if he wanted to be in a relationship or not. Based on the things he does it seems like he does like her, and they just recently had sex for the first time.

They have know eacother for about 5 months, but they didn't actually get involved before a month ago or something.

He says he doesn't know her enough to know if the wants a relationship with her or not, which I understand, but at the same time Im worried that she is getting too attached to a guy who might never want a relationship. aka she will get hurt, if I was her I would have left the situaton before any serious feelings develope and just find a guy who wants a relationship with her today, and not MAYBE in a month or so.

Do you think im expecting too much? is this something that happens a lot? To be honest i belive she brought up the whole relationship conversation way too early ( the first time they hung out one on one). So i understand why he needs to get to know her before doing anything, but I dont know.. I know there are never any right answers when it comes to dating, but like i said, If i was my sister i would have left the situation a long time ago

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  • He's just using her for Sex. He already knows he doesn't want to date her he's just being misleading so he can string her along. He's not gonna upfrontly tell her that he just wants to hit because she'll probably get upset and stop doing it

    • Thats what im obviously worried about, but she doesn't want to listen..

    • She really likes him

  • That is a terrible idea

    • She doesn't want to listen to me, what can I do?

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