How can I get him to kiss me or what are some ways I can tell if he wants to kiss me too?

Okay, so me and my first boyfriend have been dating for almost 4 months now. He's my first boyfriend and I'm his 3rd. We are going sorta slow because his previous girlfriends pressured him into kissing and stuff like that. As you can tell we are both very shy. I'm worried about how slow we are going though, we are still in the hugging stage. We aren't the type of couple that is all over each other, but I really want to kiss him. I don't know if he wants to kiss me back, but I don't want to just ask him. How can I get him to kiss me or what are some ways I can tell if he wants to kiss me too?


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  • The best thing to do is to ask him because if he's been pressured into kissing his previous girlfriends then you don't want to just jump in and kiss him. When you guys are alone just ask him if he's ready for that but if he's not that you understand. Its okay to take things slow, there's no rules to how fast a relationship must go. Just do things that you both are comfortable with.


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  • YOu can meet him half way when you hug, put your lips on his neck or his cheek and stay connected for a bit then look at his eyes and move closer to his lips and just stay their don't kiss him if he wants to he will meet you half way. halfies.

  • its been 4 months and you haven't kissed? just get really close and look into his eyes. he should get the hint to go in for the kiss


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