When you confess or are confessed to, how does that conversation go?

How do you react? Do you just say, "Yes!" or "Sorry, no dice..." or do you beat around the bush? Would you maybe talk it over with someone a bit? Maybe ask questions to the other person as to why they feel this way? Or something to that effect?

I´ve confessed once before, but that was when I was younger and naive I didn´t know how to handle rejection or how to confess. I perhaps still don´t know, so It´s a now a question on GaG. :)


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  • I have never actually confessed.


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  • Confess sounds like facing up to a crime... I know it's hard, but don't make a big deal out of it:

    Don't tell her how you feel - if you're on a date and you're having a good time, kiss her - if she doesn't like you, she'll just stop you, otherwise just enjoy it!

    • lol Confess is the term I am familiar with... asking out is the English? I think in Japanese sometimes...

      Anyway, I'm really trying to meet up with her, but she's always doing stuff.

      Anyway, I asked this question because I was interested in the answer to that question, not because I need relationship help. I asked it for my own edification, so that I can get other people's experiences.

    • Sorry I misunderstood!!