Mixed signals from her? what she really wants?

We were sitting in a class and this girl has been flirting with me like crazy... but recently she seemed really distant.
We were sitting on chairs in a horizontal row... there was gap of 2 feets (approx) of each chair... after 5 mins when class started... she moved her chair away from me... she increased the gap from 2 feets to 3 feets from me and moved her chair closer to her female friend...
when a woman physically moves away from u... is this a clear sign of disinterest?

  • Physically moving away is a clear sign of disinterest, she is not interested.
  • She is interested, i should not lose hope.
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  • She has been flirting and then this? Maybe she is playing the ole hard to get. I can't imagine her losing the interest so fast

    • No actually there is an ex in the background... and she has been going out with him...
      is it possible that she lost interest in me due to ex?

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    • Hmmm thnx... everyone told me this...
      especially this girl who is so touchy feely... her moving away is clear sign of disinterest,

    • yea, am sorry man

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