Does he just want to sleep with me or does he love me?

So I was on a date with someone I met and we were walking around and he began to hold my hand slowly interlocking his finger in between mine and later on when we kept walking he started to rub with his finger the top of my hand not my palm what does that mean? I was my left hand. On another date we had he touched my side of the face and I'm trying to figure out what he really wants from me can someone tell me what this means? Does he just want to sleep with me or does he love me?


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  • Touching by holding hands are signs a guy care for you. Running your hands can mean he like you and probably consider being with you. If he wanted sex I think he would have tried to make a move with you and not just hold your hand.
    I can't say he love you if you just met him and y'all are dating but I can say he seem like he cares about you.

    • and what about touching the side of my face does that mean something else?

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    • he touched it gently going up and down the side of my face/ cheek when we were together but I don't know what that means

    • Maybe thats his way for touching you. If I like a woman, I hold her hand and move my thumb up and down the back of her hand to show her that I'm interested in her.

  • You go on date to find love? lol... i thought most girls go out on date to just see what happens lol...
    all the girls i go out with... hand holding, rubbing, kissing etc i always do so there's nothing wrong with it...
    why u thinking about relation? just have some fun


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