Does he not want to speak ever again?

Arguing with this guy I was seeing. It's a long story. Anyway, he was nice about a bad situation, but I still got mad and stopped speaking to him for a day. Today I felt bad and texted him to say I was sorry. He wrote back "you have to stop texting me at home, please". It's a long story but he doesn't want someone to see that I'm texting him. (I'm ok with that). So, does "you have to stop texting me at home" mean that he wants me to never text again? Or That it's ok to text him, just not when he's at home? He never texted back after that.

he didn't text me back again, so can't figure out if we are still texting as platonic friends or if we're not speaking at all. yes, we recently broke up.


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  • Unless he's a homebody and spends 90 percent of his time at home, he was probably only referring to when he's at home.

    I don't think anyone has to point out how strange this is; you do know the details though, and like you said, you're okay with it. Has he messaged you back yet? If he hasn't, how long has it been since you last messaged him at home?

    • He hasn't messaged me back and it's been 8 hours. He normally messages me back immediately. I know he's at work now and I know he has the opportunity to text there.

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  • Well, he did say AT HOME


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  • Do you work with the guy? If so, maybe he's saying he doesn't want a personal relationship with you but if you have professional questions he will listen to you.

    • yes i work with him but we were dating, too. yes, we just broke up. he told me that he wants to be friends. we do often text at work, when he's in the other office from me. we would text sexy things but also friendly stuff like about cars, etc. So, you think he's saying that now that we broke up he wants no more sexy texts (which is obvious since we're only friends now) but that he still will be ok with platonic friend texts? I'm just trying to figure out if we're still friends.

    • I assume so. He wants to stay on good terms with you because he has to work with you, but he is moving on and probably going to date other people and doesn't want you interfering in his romantic life by blowing up his phone at home.

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  • It sounds like he's seeing someone else. Hence the reason you can't text him at home. It's hard for you to not text him when he's not at home because how would you even know where he's at 24/7? Sounds suspicious to me. I think it's completely platonic as friends. I see that you two work together so I suggest just asking him in person.

    • Like I said, that's not what's going on. I appreciate the advice, but not texting him at home is NOT the issue. I know why he can't get texts at home. We dated. It just ended two days ago. I was a bitch yesterday because I was upset. I apologized today and then I get that text. Just wondering if he means that I should never text him ever again.

    • Well then can you clarify?

      Why can't he get texts at home? I can give a better answer based off of that.

  • He sounds married...

    • he's not. and i appreciate your help but the reason why he can't get texts at home is not the point. I just want to know if we're still texting at all or not.

    • Maybe you should call and ask him

    • I appreciate that but if I felt comfortable doing that I wouldn't be posting on here. I also had sent him an invite to my party and he "declined". SO I'm feeling a bit rejected and stupid. I'm not going to reach out again, it's too needy.