I am constantly upset. Should I end things with him?

My boyfriend works 7 days a week and makes less than $1000/mo.
So he almost never takes me out. We see each other on average, once a week and we never do anything, all we do is hookup.
I've told him I want to do more things together but he says he can't afford it. There are things we can do that don't require money but he never makes any suggestions.
I feel like he puts work before me and I constantly feel unapprectiated. He even told me today that I am constantly upset and asked if it is even worth it to be together. I want to be with him but I feel like there is just zero passion in our relationship.
Should I just end it?
Or be more understanding and feel like I dont' even really have a boyfriend becuase I never see him?


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  • If your not happy definitely end it because you dont want to be miserable. Do what makes you happy.


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  • ""There are things we can do that don't require money but he never makes any suggestions.""

    If you want it so much, then YOU should make suggestions. Or find a girlfriend who is not so unappreciative.

  • Is he working towards a better situation?

    • Yeah

    • Then this kind of sounds like you are underappriciating the man, which is fine. If you feel you need more attention and someone who will spend money on you dispite being tight on cash, dont hesitate breaking up.

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