Where is it going? Should I put in more time?

Okay so my ex and i are talking and zortting things out between us. We talk almost every day and i stay at his place maybe once or twice a week. I dont know if this a guy's way of sortibg things out or not. I am currently just going with the flow not wanting to rush or wreck what is about to unfold but i am still nervous that he maybe talking to other girls or sleeping with someone. He said he still has feelings for me and still loves me and i still love him too. Are we in a good place right now? Are we friends or are we that little bit extra more? He has said he doesn't know what the outcome of us will be but i really do want to put in an effort to dee if we could work out


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  • It won't work. You'll breakup again for the same reasons. It's never advised. Successful couples never break up

  • you know, i've been overthinking a sorta lookalike situation for months now, and each time the outcome is negative. it doesn't work simply because you can't change the things you possibly did wrong in the relationship, same goes for him.
    and the other thing is, you spent time at his place.. why? to roll back in that same relationship that drove the 2 of you apart? i hope not..
    bless your soul and heart, make up your mind.

    • I want to give us another shot. Im still in love with him. He knows that he was the one that fucked up excuse my language. Should i try and talk to him about it all? Should i ask what he sees 8n the future for us?

    • I dont wamt to roll back into the same relationship we had. We both have ourselves to work on at this present time. He needs to figure out what he wants and i need to learn how to be alone

    • i know its hard to just stop your feelings.
      Maybe you can talk to him about it.. i mean, if he somehow says that he will need to have some alone time, give him some. Space is sacred and heals the wounds quicker

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