Right person, wrong time. Meeting the perfect someone when you'll never see them again?

Has anyone else met someone who you seem to hit it off with really well, and who seems like the perfect someone, but the context in which you met them makes it unlikely you'll ever see them again.

I was recently on a prospective graduate school visit, and had this happen. The second day, I ended up talking to the most beautiful girl our group pretty much by chance. We hung together for a few of the lab visits, and then took a walk around campus together when we had a break and ended up just sitting on a bench by the river chatting. She seemed like everything I could ever hope to find in a girl, but unfortunately it is highly unlikely I'll be attending that school, so I'll more than likely never see her again. It is what it is, I'll more on and get over it. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced something similar?


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  • Yes! Yes! Yes! I experienced that once in my life, it sucks bc I hate the what ifs

    • Care to elaborate?

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    • Oh, sounds rough. Sorry to hear that.

    • Yeah.. I couldn't eat a thing, and I threw up for a whole week. I still feel the pain although it's dulled.

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  • It has happened to me, but not with the perfect someone. They were just girls that I could seriously be interested in. Of course it made me get disappointed though.


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  • Stuff like that happens to everyone daily

    • Has it happened to you?

    • We meet people everyday in are lives that we may like, but it may be the only time we ever meet them again. It's just one of those things.

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