Should I have told her how I felt?

I met this girl, we got on amazingly well, had so much fun on our first date, had so much in common and talked for hours. I walked her home and halfway there she kissed me, I then kissed her when I dropped her off and said I had a great time and would like to do it again. I messaged her and we arranged to meet up for a second date, however the day before she asked if we could postpone, I the suggested another day, and said that if she doesn't want to meet, we didn't have to and to just tell me. However, she said she really did, and that she likes me, something I said back, but that her ex, had expressed a desire to get back together, however she said he was an asshole and she always makes mistakes when it comes to him. She the said she didn't know what to do, but didn't think it would end up happening. I felt like I can't just tell her to be with me because then I sound like a dick, so I said to do what's best for her and not mine or his feelings. She then decided to give him another chance to see if he can prove he's changed. Should I have told her that I really like her and would love to see how things went with us or did I do the right thing? We are now just friends, although her boyfriend is really jealous, and so it's becoming a lot harder to stay friends. I still like her and my friends think she still has feelings for me too.

  • Should have told her straight out, that I like her and want to see how things go
  • Did the right thing
  • Maybe should have hinted more that I like her
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For those that have said, I should have told her straight up, I did tell her I liked her, but possibly I could have done more. I could always wait and see if they break up and then tell her if I still like her, or would this make me too much of a loser?


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  • It's always good to tell a person how you feel. Don't burry it inside of you...

    • I had told her I liked her, but I didn't want to pressurise her, and I thought I'd she's come to me for advice I can't be biased.

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    • Yea, now it's just a case of trying to get over her, don't even know where to start, have started thinking of her quite a lot.

    • Getting over is the hardest part. But it's a good start to think about getting over it already

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  • I don't get you. Why are you still friends with a girl who chose her ex instead of you?
    You had already arranged for a second date. When her ex showed up, she tossed you aside. You are only plan B.

    I'm sorry if I sound rude, but I think that's how things are.


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