Should I be concerned?

A girl I am dating told me about how her exboyfriend smoked crack cocaine. My question is should I be concerned? I feel like I should be concerned because that shows that she hung around questionable characters. Opinions?

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  • no
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  • people hang out around crowds they shouldn't b in, but they broke up and are no longer together so u shouldn't worry about it. If she has a bunch of friends who r like that then maybe u can question what time of person she is but it's her ex, he's her ex for a reason. And she's ur girlfriend now so u should know her personality and what type of girl she is so u should know if u should b concerned. And IK a good amount of people who hang with the wrong crowed bc they accidentally get sucked in or they r just trying to fit in bc they don't fit in anywhere else. But those people arnt bad people they just made a bad choice. And everyone makes stupid choices and shouldn't b judged by them.

    • her friends are huge partiers. My friend said at a party her best friend would smoke pot, and do ecstasy.

    • Well maybe she's just in the wrong crowd, by hey maybe she's into that kind of stuff. But if u have a problem with her partying then maybe she's not ur kinda girl. U should talk about how ur feeling and see what age has to say

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  • If that's the reason so broke up with him, no

  • Yeah you should be concerned


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