Can big people find love?

I have always wondered can big people find love as well I have always thought they couldn't but that may only be because of the area I live in with a lot of people being so judmental of looks but is it different in other places of the world?


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  • Yes, they can. If they've got a good sense of humor and if they are decent human-beings. However, why don't you try working on losing weight?


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  • Yes,
    I am fat, but not American sized fat- just Asian size.

    The thing is, fat people can get a bit of a low self confidence and self worth since they overthink things, or they got bullied on.
    Yes, girls will talk to guys with abs, with those lovely curls - but they key there is confidence and humor.

    Know when to talk, and know how to hold out a conversation. Stop thinking, I am big, I am not worthy - just plain simple talking. Be a gentleman but know how to stand ground. Have a principle you believe in.

    And more importantly, see yourself as a human. Love what you are, who you are. Confidence comes from within you.


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  • Ofcoz they can but again... it is all about...
    if a person can't take care of his/her weight... how can he take care of his partner?

  • Obviously, you've never seen Mike and Molly.

    • that's just a tv program tho haha could of gave be a better example sir

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    • of corse I was asking you seriously haha what would be the point in making a question if I ain't being serious and yeah true some people have found love but it's quite hard to find someone in my area because of the judgmental people haha

    • I'm sure not everyone is as judgmental as you think.
      or you could just move
      or find a meetup on meetup. com for people who feel similar to you.