Mixed signals? Is she really interested?

1. A girl has been flirting with me a lot, but i fucked up a bit by not asking her out.
2. After that, she has been flakey and I also heard that there is also an ex in the background.
3. So we were sitting on chairs in horizontal row with a gap of about 2 feet between each chair.
4. After 10 mins when class started, she moved her chair away from me towards her female friend.
5. She increased the distance between my chair and her chair from 2 feet to 3 feet.
She maybe getting repulsed by me and not enter my personal space,
Was that an indirect message to me that she is no longer interested?

  • She is no longer interested in me because there is ex in the background.
  • She is still interested.
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What Girls Said 1

  • Neither. Don't think too hard just talk to her..

    • She is not even putting herself into my orbit to talk to her, she is hanging out with ex.
      Ealier she was all over me, and now when we sit together... she kinda moves away to avoid me maybe or maybe to tellme... to not talk to her... :(
      i blew it up by not asking her out... :(

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    • But what about ex in the background?

    • Sorry, I thought I mentioned, not to worry about the ex. :)

What Guys Said 1

  • I don't think she is really interested

    • Do u think that since i did not make a move on her when she was flirting with me turned her off and she thought i dont have confidence?
      and plus, there was an ex in the background

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    • Should i take it as final that now she is not interested in me anymore?
      since she physically moved her chair away from me?

    • Yes, you should, and now that you know she is not interested in you, you shouldn't think about her anymore, I would suggest you not to waste your time and energy on this, just concentrate on doing other things.

      That will be my suggestion.