Girls, Im 24 will be 25 soon?

I'm 24 will be 25 soon

Ok so I never had any kind of romantic relationship with a girl I just want a honest opinion if at this point I should give it up. I was thinking if I don't have a girlfriend by 25 of doing it cause I have things about my personality that plague me from talking to women I'm interested in it affected me when I was young and still affects me today unfortunately I don't see that changing. Also I see other single people and I see couples who get married and have kids nothing seems forced its like everything falls into place like it was meant to be for them. I don't have that feeling that my other half is out there


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  • Everything doesn't just 'fall into place'. People who seem to naturally fall in love have been working on their hapiness for a long time. They've made mistakes when talking to girls/guys, and they worked on it, and they eventually fixed it. Few people get it right the first time around.
    Like every other thing, practice, practice, practice. Don't just repeat aimlessly; learn from your mistakes. See what works and what doesn't. Don't try it all at once.
    And no, don't give up. There's the right person out there, but you need to work out to meet that person's own needs. It all depends on how much work you're willing to put into this.

    • Why not give up I don't know how to talk to women

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    • Women are repulsed by me

    • Seriously girls just give me dirty looks

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