Is it OK that you feel like you're never enough for someone?

Like I used to be really too self confident and an accomplished girl that many people envy. And then I met this guy again (he's been intersted in me for 2 years now and once heard him saying he never stopped missing me) and he makes me feel like I'm nobody. Even though I used to feel a little superior to him before. It's like all of a sudden I completely forgot all the things I did in my life and can't at all seem to remember any of them and even when I do, I just again feel they're unnecessary and don't count. Something inside of me just keeps telling me how great he is (he's an astounding guitarist, vocalist, and is actually kind) while I'm just a useless girl who has nothing but looks & knows nothing but how to dress up, get good grades, and worst of all, I'm only a beginner-intermediate violinst (and even though my teacher says I'm doing really good and fast progress, I just can't seem to get any confidence back). Still something inside says he's still better than you because he's a professional and I'm not. I feel really empty when I think of him.. and get really scared that I would screw things up..


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  • You love beig in love but hate what it does to you.. The irony is killer. You need it and love loving someone, but you hate how it makes you when you never find that same feeling again. Just avoid it all together, isolate yourself, poor yourself into your job and call it good. It works. Its effective and socially exceptible. And easy.