What can make a guy distant?

So I was dating a guy and we would text paragraphs... all of a sudden he stopped reaching out, so when I texted him a week after no contact, we texted like before and again it's been a week with no contact... He sees my snapchat and he uploads one every 3days or so.

My family thinks it can be intimidation of me always going all out with make up and outfits to the fullest... others say he is hurt from ex girlfriend cheating and fears falling for someone, not interested or confused?

  • Intimidated
  • Not interested/has options
  • Fears getting attached/falling for someone
  • Confused on feelings she has
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  • I think it just comes down due to lank of interest. If he likes you he wouldn't be so flaky about his interactions. I'm not saying give up but don't have too much high hopes.

  • Perhaps he is just afraid and confused of what he wants.

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