Would a guy text all the girls he is talking to constantly everyday?

well i just wonder that I have been texting with this guy for a while and we had a great time hanging out once. And now he's out of town for work but still text me from waking up until sleeping.
Although I told him that I'm not looking for a hook up and he said he understands and also want to see what happens and want to take it slow.

I see that there are lots of girls on his facebook and commenting kinda flirty with him. So I just wonder that if he would text me and other girls at this huge amount as well. Or that just too much work?

I'm just trying to not getting myself played.


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  • Well he doesn't have control over any other girls actions. If you guys like each other you need to clarify that with him and also ask if he's seeing anyone else. You need to definitely discuss this so you know your not wasting your time also not end up getting hurt or lead on. It's OK to discuss this, and it's a good thing he mentioned taking things slow because that's his comfort at this point.

    • He told me that he has only broken up with his ex last x'mas and now he's kinda enjoy single life so i told gim to be up front with me and that when he told me that let's take things slow. But also he wants me to meet his brother. But i guess i could ask him if he has been talking to other girls as well and hope it doesn't sound needy

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    • just want to update to you. so he was so nice and we text constantly but yesterday we suppose to meet and he was ghosting on me. i texted him at noon to say hi, no read nor reply. so i called him when i finished work to let him no if he still up for meet up then no answer. then I haven't contact him since. it's pretty low. :(

    • Ugh, men are strange. It's hard to tell :l... now I'm having a weird situation with my guy. But don't give up and also don't give in. Lol

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  • Nope, a guy will text whole day to only a girl who he really likes.
    But when he doesn't like a girl, he won't even bother to ask her how r u to her


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