Do you think she is interested?

Ok so this hot woman and i have mutual friends. We don't know each other well but know each other. So i got a job at her company six months ago. She works in a satellite location 30 mins away and I've never ran into her until yesterday. She walks into this room where I'm working, see me then immediately looks away. She goes across the room and grabs a seat facing my area. I was on a phone call for 30 mins, I would occasionally look over and she's like playing with her hair with both hands. So I finally walk over to say hi and she acts like she doesn't recognize me, staring at me blankly. Lol, then she goes "oh my gosh hey!" And we start talking for like 20 minutes. She was like "when I heard you worked here I looked you up" and I'm thinking but you just acted like you didn't know me? Lol but it was nice because she was wearing a pearl necklace and was sitting in a way that I could see right down her shirt. Anyways I felt like we could talk forever but I kept checking my watch because I had a meeting. She was like "well I'm sure I'll run into you again soon, where do you sit? I will stop by next time" she was twirling her fingers in her iPhone charger.

Whatbdo do you think? Any interest there?


What Girls Said 1

  • She sounds interested enough to be enjoying your company. However, that doesn't mean she is into you.

    • True. I just was like dang we start hitting it off quick. I thought it was interesting how she acted like she had no idea who I was at first. Then was like "I looked you up"?

What Guys Said 1

  • Listen, there is no way to tell outside of asking her out.
    If a girl likes you, she will go with you anywhere.
    Coffee, run errands, dates, it doesn't really matter.

    So ask her out to do something interesting together.

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