Why would my crush start acting differently towards me?

Well a month ago I had carnations & a card delivered to my crush for Valentine's Day. The Tuesday after he received the delivery he came into my teachers class during lunch & instead of walking to pass by me as he usually did he walked in the opposite direction. He got on a computer then he and my teacher went into the back room and were talking with the door closed & he stayed back there & didn't come out. After school I was walking with a friend & I saw him & his friends then he turned around & looked at me. My friend & I walked in the opposite direction then when we passed by one of his friends got loud and I turned around and looked at him then quickly turned around when we passed by I noticed him looking up at me. Throughout the rest of the month he saw me walking and turned around started walking in the opposite direction 3 times. One week he stopped doing so I acted as if I didn't see him & he continued walking in the same direction. During that week I had a dress on and he was checking me when he saw me. Two weeks later when I went to go pick up my project from my teacher's class when I came in he looked at me and as I was talking to my teacher I looked and noticed him looking at me. Before I had anything delivered to him, me and him were trying at being friends again back in January. About two years ago me and him liked one another but too shy to tell each other. Later on I told him I liked him and he showed interest but the thing is a lot was going on with me and I didn't communicate that to him & didn't know how to and he started speaking to someone else and I suggested we be friends and he seemed upset. Looking back on it I believe the girl was just a friend of his because they didn't date and me and him stopped speaking. So this year I kept running into him and thought to speak to him about being friends & he agreed and started acting like he used to by treating me differently. Anytime I spoke to him he'll always hug bye & he'll make eye contact with me.


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  • he likes you but donesnt know what to do in a relationship

    • I was going to try to speak to him but unsure about doing so because I lurked and saw him flirting with someone on his instagram page. I really don't know what to do at this point. Do you have any advice for me?

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    • there is a good chance he broke up with her on good terms. so he probable did say she could contact him if she ever needed anything. regarding the dress it could have been the reason why he was looking at you. i dont know if it is me or what but you dont see many ladys wearing dresses unless they are going out or some special occasion. try to look at rejection as a chance to start a new chapter in your life. one that will bring happyness and a chance to find someone who will love you with all there heart.

    • Thank you. Even though I'm afraid of being rejected because I feel like things are coming to an end then I'll still speak to him and move forward. More importantly it's best that I straight up tell him how I feel & what I initially wanted and move on from this situation.

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  • maybe his feelings have changed about you


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