Exchange student as first GF? Good Idea?

At the moment I'm dating an excange student. i really like her, and she seems to like me to. But there's one or rather two problems. I never had a girlfriend before and I really don't like to think about what's going to happen in about 6 months when she has to leave the country. And the 2nd problem ist that she might only be interested in an adventure, because she stays here for just 6 months, in which case a virgin might not be what she is searching for.

Any advice, should i take my chance, knowing I'll loose her in 6 months?


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  • Being a virgin has nothing to do with it, if she's interested :p If you're ready for a quick relationship, by all means, it's always good experience. But if you'd rather start with something more serious, maybe not. Long-distance relationships are seldom good ideas.

    • I know but I thought if she's interested in adventure she might not want to "teach" me.
      If I could choose I would definitly go for something serious but I can't choose that much. Finally there's a girl for me, and it has to be so complicated. Life's a bitch :-D

      I really don't know, but I do know it will hurt as hell. :-(

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    • That's for you to decide. But consider the alternative; six months of nothing, possibly thinking about her, and then regets after she's gone, maybe. Even if it has to stop, it can be a good memory, and a good experience :)

    • You're right, I'll give it a go

  • Dont. Just dont. I can't take our hurting eachother anymore. I need to crawl back in my shell and go back to drawing strangers again. im a ruin.. Leave me alone. Please.


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