Will he think I am asking him on a sort off date?

ok peeps, I screwed up my math midterm dur to lack of work xD
anw... my friend had an 80 on it, so I asked him to explain some stuff to me so I could ace the final...
now I know he likes me, so if I ask him to meet up in starbucks for a lesson would he take it as a date? O. O
I don t want to lead anyone on :/
It happened before -_-


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  • I'm gonna skip the point of the question, and go directly to what I think is the main problem here!
    If you really want to pass that math class, you should study in a proper place!
    Starbucks ain't no place to study!! You need some place quiet, without distractions and where you can truly concentrate. Imagine the ambient of the actual exame? Are there coffees hanging around? Waiters? noise? No.

    Because it's a moment of concentration, and so should be the study sessions. Forget about the date thing.. and arrange something in the library. I would normally say in a home of one of you.. but since you mentioned he likes you... may be a recipe for disaster.. dunno.

    Also, won't the tension (sexual? or attraction?) kind of ruin the concentration of both of you? I mean... I dunno.. but think about it

    (if you're worried about what he will think, didn't any girl get a good grade? it sure will take all those doubts out of your head about what he will think)

    Answering your question - if you made it clear that you needed to study to pass the tests and you asked for his help... he should not consider it a date.. I wouldn't..

    Final question: Does he know, that you know, that he likes you? :D :P

    • alright alright! damnnn
      ok... I have to admit you make good points :P
      the issue with starbucks isn t really a big deal cause it is like 5mins walking distance from the campus and usually it is crowded with college groups studying.
      sexual attraction, yea you have a point on that.
      why I asked him? because he offered his help before I even asked for it. and because I just transferred this year to this university and he is one of the few people I am already close to since we re studying the same major and he is with me in the swimming team.
      And finally I don t think that he knows that I know that he likes me lol xD

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    • Hahahaahhaha
      Grades before boys !!!
      You will have time for that later on...

      (jk, don't listen to them parents!!, you won't have time, this is be best time!!)

    • hahaha you bet xD

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  • No I don't think he would. Especially if you're going to be bringing note pads and books. When he sees that he's gonna know that it's strictly business. I wish I had that strong of a number in math... 😶


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  • He probably will. :/

  • WTF... lol... how can it be a date?
    and why u wana meet for lesson in starbucks u can do it in school, college, home etc...
    i would suggest u be direct and ask him out directly... ur a modern woman who goes for what she wants... just fuckin go for it

    • go for what? I don t wanna date him lol
      I just wanna stay friends with him...
      and why wouldn t I study in starbucks... it s 5min mins from my univ, we have like 10 caffes around our campus and most of the students study there since it isn t as noisy as the cafeteria and you don t have to keep quite like in the library.
      jeez chill

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    • Hahaha babe.. that how this shit works..
      its 2 am in india... i gotta sleep bye tk cr..
      and be gentle with that guy.. he will agree to be in ur friendzone but tell him clearly u only see him as a friend...
      tk cr honey.. mmwahh :* love ya <3.. and yeah u need to get better at flirting ;)

    • I wasn't flirting though lol so mean xD
      anw thanks ^^

  • Yes lol... guys that like you will think you 'might' have a thing even if you ignore them. They'll twist the ignoring into she's playing hard to get or something. Persistent is common here

    He may not think it's a date but surely he thinks its a step closer lol

  • If you get the sense that he thinks it's anything other then what it is just politely and respectively let him know.

  • It's a fucking date lass.
    Starbucks. I mean like totally.

    • like totally? :P
      lol ok xD

    • Like absolutely a date.
      Surely there must be some smart girls to study with haha.

    • not that I know off, he told me he got an 80 and offered me his help even before I failed my test... and we re friends. he is with me in my swimming team, and we re doing the same major.
      why can t guys and girls be friends jeezz

  • I can help you with Mathematics. Is it Algebra?

  • Just say that you need help revising

  • Tell him u hav a boyfriend

  • The way you look
    Would be a date to me

  • I don't know if he'd view it as a date, but he'd be doing it -because- he is attracted, and you'd be exploiting that.

    • lol you made me sound evil :P

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    • lol yea :P
      but I still need the help in math though xD

    • I've tutored people in math before. Both my age, and younger.

      I either did it because they paid me, or because i sort of wanted to fuck them.

      If you don't want to exploit B, try A :p

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