Would you date a guy 10 years older then you with 5 kids he doesn't see, even though he has access to see them?

What would you find appealing about this guy?

I guess he could be lying about why he doesn't see them if so would you try and find out or go with what he says?

  • yes because i believe he is a nice guy
  • no course not he's a deadbeat
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  • 10 years older isn't the problem, the only reason 5 kids is a problem is because I don't want that big of a family but if I wanted a big family and had a different career yes, the main problem is that he does not see his children and has access to them. That's like a sky scrapper sized red flag, stay away!!

    • This is my point. he's said a number of time that she will not be meeting the children.
      But he then has no time to see his children, she knows about them she also knows how to contact me. Maybe she likes the fact he doesn't see his children so they can party all the time i have no idea. But it's pissing me off that contact with them has stopped. She's 21 he's 32 they are both adults so why are the kids suffering by this selfishness.

    • There is always time to see your children, you make time if you care, Never the less it seems like you're leaning in the right direction of leaving them alone in all their drama. It does suck though cause you're right , it's not fair the kids have to suffer :(. (side note the 21 year old has 5 kids? or are there a few different mothers involved)

    • I have the children the 21 year old is his new girlfriend.

      He asked to see them to which i was reluctant about but let me anyway. He last seen on the 4th of march for an hour. And before that it was weeks.
      Anyway only two kids went today ( the older two didn't want to) and youngest was asleep. The girls come back and we went to mc Donalds with dad and his girlfriend.
      I had asked on the 4th that he needs to build the relationship back up with the kids before she meets them. But gone against my wishes. I went mad. It's all such a mess just wish i had stood my ground and stopped the contact after je didn't turn up on the 13th to take them out for the day.
      Am i in the wrong for being mad?

  • 10 years older than me , yes! Why not?

    5 kids? Even to make me run the other way!

    • *Enough to make

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    • Are they all by the same woman? If so, maybe I would think about it if I really liked him.

      If they are by different women that says a whole lot

    • Same woman. Can you explain why you would think about it? Would it not bother you at all that he fartherd 5 children and stopped seeing them because he got with you or enjoyed his weekends getting drunk instead. I mean children deserve both parents in their life right?
      Would it not question your future of the same thing happening if was to have his child, you left coz of selfishness drinking etc.

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