Playing dating games?

I met a guy on dating site and we really hit it off... Come to find out we go all the same places, do all the same things, live within 5mi of eachother, and even work almost across the street of eachother but we're so busy/distracted have never seen eachother! When we first met it was typically sex/hookup talk but then we were both suprised at how much we liked eachother and chemistry we seemed to instantly have and started talking about maybe dating... either way or whatever it may turn into I made it clear I wasn't going to have sex the first time we met from the beginning. We were finally able to schedule a meet up last minute cause I happened to get off early. I asked him what his plans for the evening for us was and it came across to me that it was pretty much his place and bedroom (he may have been joking) but when I mentioned (nicely) in text it wasn't going that far on the first time he seemed to get offended and claimed I was playing games with him because of the previous "dirty talk" and completely called of the whole night! I told him I wasn't song it wasn't going to happen just simply not first time I met him in person.
Guys do you think I was playing games with him?
Would it have been better to go out then not give it up?
Should i have not mentioned it before we met up?
Could I have offended him by assuming he ment we were going straight to bed?

Opps correction! "I told him I wasn't against* hooking up it just simply wasn't going to happen the first time i met him in person"


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  • I think he just got mad because you were actually serious about not having sex with him the first time, which obviously he doesn't take you seriously and probably wouldn't have dated you after he got what he wanted. Everyone gets horny it's obviously much easier to text how horny you are and dirty talk than to actually do the deed, funny thing is you never said it was NEVER going to happen but I think he just expected to get laid right away.


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  • You were thinking of hooking up with him earlier..
    but when u met him u found him good looking and thought of trying to lock him down to a commitment and having long term relation.
    I would suggest you to hook up with him... if he feels the same relation will happen...

    • Yea I'm totally not against the the hookup part just didn't want to do it first time we met and told him that from beginning... so why would he call off the first meet? If it went well we totally could have been in bed by now

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    • Thanks for the opinion and great explanation! I think I'll take your advice

    • I saw ur profile pic.. dont doubt urself..
      he is missing out on a very hot chic... u look very sexy.. :* its his loss...

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