Why would a girl invite me over to chill and then disrespect me by not interacting with me at all?

So I met a girl online and she seemed really into me. Next thing I know she's asking me to come hangout with her and her friend. So I go and when I get there she completely ignores me and so her friend ended up talking to me instead. The whole night I tried to get her close to me and she refused. As I was leaving she texts me and tells me that she's sorry for basically ignoring me. So I made the mistake of forgiving her and deciding to hangout with her and her friends. Once I did we had a moment of cuddling and things got a little sexual but then everything just came to a halt and we all started drinking and stuff lol. Then we went to the club and she literally danced with me for a little and then ditched me to be with her friends. When we got home I tried to fuck her and although there was touching and other stuff she told me that she was waiting for right guy lol. Then she ditched me again to be with her friends...


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  • I guess she was either really shy and/or not feeling the chemistry with you in person.

    Based on everything that happened, I think the better question to ask would be why you assume that her asking you to chill was the equivalent of an invitation to get into her pants, and failed to accept that she just wasn't into it despite her making it clear in so many instances...

    • The first time she ignored me. The second time we hungout things got more sexual so...

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    • true but you live and you learn! We all make occasional mess-ups like that. I doubt anyone is able to get through life+dating and score a great relationship with a few slip-ups that they used as a way to perfect their game.

    • Thanks for your help 😊

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  • Clearly she had a change of heart and doesn't like you anymore

    • True but the question is did she even like me in the first place?

    • Probably not

    • Seems like it...

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  • Your problem is "The whole night I tried to get her close to me and she refused." *shakes head*

    • Trust me not as lame as it sounds. I simply tried to include her in the convos because she literally isolated herself...

  • You're moving too fast for her. If you wanted to fuck you should of told her. Because clearly she didn't

    • Why did she ignore me the first time then?

    • She could of been shy, or you weren't what she thought, maybe the friend was there to get a feel for you... who knows

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