Should I tell her how I feel even though she got back with her ex?

I went on a date with this girl, who I had tons in common with, we talked for hours and ended up kissing. We both expressed a desire for a second, however on the day she said she wasn't feeling well and could we postpone. When I offered her an alternative, I said she didn't have to if she didn't want to, she said she liked me (I agreed) & really wanted to see me again, but her ex had told her he wants to get back together. She said she didn't know what to do, does she stay with someone she has a connection with or try something new with someone new and see what happens, I told her to think about why they broke up and if it's still relevant. She said he wouldn't make an effort and would skip dates, and that he seemed to just want to sleep with her, nothing else. I said she should do what's best for her and not to consider our feelings. She said she'll see if he can change, but probably nothing will happen. We met for a drink as friends, and had a great time. I asked her if we were just friends or if we could be something more, she asked if we could just be friends and would be gutted to lose me as a friend. We still text every few days and talk, and have met up a couple of times, however her boyfriend is jealous and doesn't like us talking. My friends say she still likes me as she wants to keep me around even though I'm a threat to her relationship, and that she's dropping hints for me to express feelings by asking what to do. However she doesn't have that many friends and I think she may just be worried about losing a friend. Her and her boyfriend have moved quite quickly, he practically lives at hers and she's talking about moving in, (but is she doing that to see my reaction and wants me to express feelings?), she's also going to his parents this weekend for dinner. But he was attentive before and then became aloof, should I meet up and tell her how I feel, or is it a dick move, I feel closure would be helpful. Would we be able to stay friends after?

  • Meet up and tell her how you feel
  • Don't tell her
  • Wait and see if they break up and then tell her
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I know I should have told her how I felt when she originally told me the problem, but I didn't want to interfere in her decision.


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  • If I was in your shoes then I would move on and never talk to her ever again...
    I won't wait for some loser who fits back with her ex even if she knows how she is being treated by her ex-bf.

    And by the way this ground thing if not find with out... She is just gonna use you and be a stuck up...
    And you are gonna keep on trying again and again.. And keep on failing..

    Her ex must have known about your date... So he must have got jealous and therefore wants her back...

    Situation is fucked up... Get out of this and go get a girl who is 100% into you and not and stuck up...

    • I understand completely what you're saying, however I feel like she wanted me to give her a reason to choose me, and I should have told her, but I feel like I would regret it if I didn't at least tell her. You say never talk to her again, but we have so much in common, and get on great, so I would feel like it would be nice to stay friends.

    • Hmm well then tell her... even if she is with him...
      She must have gone back to him cause she didn't hear those words from you... So Go and tell her..

    • Thanks for mho

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  • Umm... she went back to her ex.. there's nothing else to do...