What would you do if your boyfirend kept staring at another pretty girl and told his firends he thought she was hot?


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  • maybe he done that to tease you.

    • I don't know but i feel really ugly...

    • well if i was a girl and my boyfriend did that i would be pissed a lot and ask him that did he really meant that. and if he said yes i would dump him

  • Guys can admire girls even if they are in a relationship. He still obviously cares for you, but guys will be guys.

    • doesn't feel that way..

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    • Would you do that in front of your girlfirend?

    • Well I'm single but I wouldn't look at that many girls if I was dating, it depends on the guy though really if he would do that.

What Girls Said 1

  • I would think.. KNOW
    that he's not getting enough of me and what I can do
    in his life... even if he's young w/raging hormones

    We all have heroes to lust after, some feeting, others ideal until we live with them = the norm, no worries

    A smart gal would allow others and other things to get him all worked up and when steaming... collect all that passion for herself! Think about the possibilities in mining this sexual gold, instead of spending life worrying about someone better stealing from you... these are born every minute... so are replacements to a bad, wandering boyfriend.. if it ever comes to that... and it won't if you play it smart instead of egotistic

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