Do French girls like Asians (particularly Japanese)?

I am a Japanese guy in high scho, and I have a solid plan to go to France for college, including undergraduate and graduate.
Do French girls like Asians? Any tips to attract a French girl?
Note: ideally, I will go to Southern France or Paris, but generally my plan is to go to France for college.
If you know any French users, especially Frencg girls, please tag them in if it will not bother them.


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  • Not all girls of the same ethnicity like the same things/people/activities/hobbies. They even develop different personalities! Shocking I know!


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  • I dont think my French cousins have ever met a Japanese person in their life so I would assume to them you would be "that guy from that little island on the other side of the world". Thats what I say when people from random countries ask these questions. The Japanese population of France is minuscule and the only place you will probably find them is in Paris, my cousins live in the countryside and its not likely Japanese people make their way there. Therefore I could call them and ask, but chances are they have no opinion of Japanese people because its quite a random country and nationality to them seeing as they see so few Japanese.

    • It would be like me asking "Do Japanese men like Estonian women?"... I dont even know what Estonian women are like, and I would bet you've never met one in your life either so its hard to develop an opinion based on that.

    • Or if more generally, do they have some opinions on East Asian guys?

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