Does he like mee?

My crush always tells me thank you for random stuff and after I tell him you're welcome, he always says "appreciate it" or thanks me again. And when our conversations begin to end he asks me what I'm doing or how my day was. Does he like me?


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  • Yes or at least that's what it sounds like. My now boyfriend did the exact same thing as your crush is doing. He'd ask me about my day every single time we talked and always says thanks to show he really appreciates it.
    If you want you can do a little test to see if he really does like you. For expample you could: ask to borrow a pencil and see if he gives you your fav color or a noncrapy pencil. Ask to borrow a school book because you forgot yours at home. See if he knows your birthday.
    Little things like that
    I hope this helps
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  • Sounds like he's just being friendly tbh

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