Friendzone or not?

I live with my best friend and we hang out together every day. We're both busy so usually we don't see each other much throughout the day, but at night we make food together, hang out on the couch, cuddle, watch entire series together, make jokes, laugh, usually until he falls asleep on my lap and sometimes we fall asleep spooning. Whenever he goes out with friends he usually invites me as well, so we do basically everything together and if I choose not to go he comes back early and hangs out with me. A while ago when he was blackout drunk, he told me that he'd imagine sex with me to be great.

At the same time he is still with his long-distance girlfriend, he treats me like a bro, he talks about how hot other girls are in front of me, and just generally acts really friendly. He never made a move on me that goes beyond anything friendly, except for holding hands when we're drunk sometimes. I'm wondering if he sees me just as a body pillow, since his girlfriend is so far away. When she came to visit, he tried to make me laugh even more than usually, even in front of her. But that could also mean that he really sees me as only a friend and nothing his girlfriend should be worried about.

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  • yes i think he has thought about it but he feels it would get to complicated to do anything about it since he has a G/F and also living with you. i have to say one thing i give him a lot of credit being able to separate his feeling like that and not get attached to you. i dont think i would be able to do that, since you 2 are basicly living as a couple with out the physical part.

    • He's a great guy and I am absolutely sure that he would never cheat on someone he's with. Do you think that I might have a chance after we don't live together anymore? We'll be in the same city next year, but I will get an apartment by myself, because if he actually does break up with his girlfriend, like he's been telling me for months, then I don't want to live with him when he starts dating again. I don't think I'd be able to be friends with him if I saw his relationships up close.

    • if and when his present relationship ends then yes i feel you do have a chance with him. but dont go to fare because he will need a friend and you want to make it you that he goes to for support.

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  • You are totally not in the friend zone. It's about time that you talk about guys you find hot in front of him lol. See if the shoe fits the foot.. Or just keep things the way they are. As a guy myself it sounds like a great setup.


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