How should I this this girl I love that I like her without stemming lame?

I have liked this girl from the beginning of the school year and i think its about time i tell her i like her.(btw she is in on a vacation in england with her family so i can't say it face to face) i am balls nervous about thisand how she'll respond. She is a year younger than me too. Im a junior and she's a sophmore. I dont know how i should go about doing this please help me out. she's my everything and id be crushed ifi couldnt get her to be mine. I would take a full clip to the heart just for her.

Seeming* not stemming


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  • Just be you. She fell in love with (you). Youve got her now and you'll get her whenever your ready.


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  • At your age, you're just learning how to communicate with the other sex and still learning. If you like her, tell her but do it in person. Look into her eyes when you talk to her. Hold her hand if she lets you. Tell her how you feel about her. You're not in love, yet... that has yet to be earned. But you can let her know that she's important to you. Do it in person!

    • What if its too late and she's lost interest?

    • it's too late if you do nothing. her interest is related directly by your attention to her. quit fooling around and talk to her.

    • OK I certainly will

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