Does this guy like me?

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  • He likes you. He has been attracted to you.

    No man can be that ecstatic around a girl if he doesn't have a thing for her in the first place.

    • Thanks love.. It's sort of a sticky situation right?

    • What would you honestly do if you were me?

    • Yes I think this is very tricky. If this happens to me, I'd have mixed emotions. Sad to say but because he's under the covenant of marriage, I'd ignore his advances/moves to me big-time. I cannot allow a married man to pursue his feelings for me whilst he's with his legal confidante (wife) because that would ruin relationships with me, his relatives, and his wife especially. That would cause total emotional distress in my opinion.

      I hope you would appreciate my effort in putting myself to your situation because I'm very young (16) but when I grow up, that's what I'd probably do.

  • Ok he definitely doees! .. too sweet, lol.. love you