Guys: does it look like he is going to be bail on me today?

this guy I have dated scheduled a date last week Saturday. He texted me up to Tuesday. Come Saturday which is today, I haven't heard from our plan and I actually just texted him if we are still on for today. Wtf? This is pissing me off.

Looks like he's not interested?


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  • Some guys (and girls) are simply bad communicators. They do not intend to be causing you any distress; they simply don't appreciate your need to hear from them. The fact that their behavior is not done intentionally offers very little consolation.

    It may be time for A Talk: "here's what makes me tick and part of that is communications. If you can do that. . . great! If not, we probably won't last very long."

    • It's time for a talk? Guy hasn't even texted me back and I'm kinda in panic mode. This is so BS

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    • Does this guy deserve you?

    • To be honest... the thing is he chased me so hard for about 6 months, I was ignoring when he was asking me out. He was consistent up to 2 dates and started going downhill from there.
      He made plans and all but it's been kinda flakey lately...

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  • This really sucks, but it's not the end of the world. Perhaps he was just busy during the week. Hopefully he gets into contact with you soon.

    I would make some back up plans so you are not super disappointed.

    I've had so many people flake, it's not funny. Seems pretty common now a days.

    • I texted him about 30 min ago and counting now... It's not looking good at the moment.

      I'm about to say f****. This guy

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    • It's 8:16 am currently, I texted 7:40 am.
      We planned for about 3 pm but there is no plan on how we are meeting and just the plan overall

    • Well, he still has some time. Fingers crossed he gets back to you! If not, then I would plan something fun for yourself, like a trip to the farmer's market, a pedicure or even a movie night at home. Something that you won't have to feel bummed about after. That's usually what I do and I get flaked on A LOT! :(

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