For a guy, My life has a lot of drama. I can't fit everything so I'd appreciate the help with what little room I have to explain (?

I was approached by a senior close to two weeks ago and almost immediately became close which somewhat surprised me. She claimed I was interesting while having quiet talks to herself about how she's awkward or stupid to a point where she thought I couldn't hear. She gave me her number and we've actually hung out a lot since after I asked her to once on the weekend. She'd follow me to certain classes or randomly appear in the hallways and drag her fingers across me or a casual hug. I began to wonder the possibility of me going out with this girl, Because it already felt like we were in a way. Everytime we hung out, we just talk about anything and literally anything. During one of her conversations she mentions her boyfriend which admittedly made me a little upset, But I was confused as to how she'd show signs of affection towards me and hasn't spent time with him in a few weeks apparently. Everytime I'm with her all my worries, anxities, depression, that crap. Just seems to fade. I've asked her to go out about once and all the other times we have we met after school with no plans and just went with it. I would like to in a way, Give her negative feedback on her relationship instead of my honest opinion. However she doesn't enjoying talking about it with me because I assume I help take her mind off things. I would tell her all that I feel because I trust her, But there is the fact that I could be turned away and lose a friend that I'd rather not. She told me about how she was forced into her relationship which is a sad story (for the boyfriend) don't have any extra space to write. I can't fit everylittle detail here exactly, Or elaborate the specific way I'd like. I'll just ask, Is it right for me to want to be with her even though I know she's in a relationship. Is it right for me to want them to break up because I'd like to be with her and I don't feel that the guys she's would is treating her right or even trying to?

I wouldn't usually waste time on anyone who is in a relationship. But for her, It looks as it it's falling apart. She has the personality of what I look for in someone almost exactly the way I dream about. My lust Is growing rather stronger everytime I''m away from her and she admitted she enjoyed spending time with me the last time we were together. I would just like some advice on the whole situation because I have a general Idea of what I want to do, But I also overthink everything in my life
I appreciate your help for the people who do waste their time with my problems. I've never had anyone to turn to or needed help in a manner that I couldn't deal with on my own


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  • I think you should tell her the way you feel. You two seem close, and i think she'll appreciate your honesty. If she doesn't feel the same way then you can assure her that it's okay and that you don't want to loose her friendship and with time things will get back to normal. If she feels the same way then you two can start a relationship. However keeping your feelings inside and not knowing won't do you any good. just take a chance otherwise you'll never know and you may regret it.

    • I've thought about it like that. Then there's still the desire to be close to her. I understand what you're getting at because holding things in is never really the best. However, Would it be wrong for me to ask her to hang out more often than not? I've only actually asked once but like I said we've been out without plans before.

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    • If she enjoys spending time with you then why would she mind if you ask her to hang out more often? I don't think you're being pushy or anything, she obviously enjoys your company so don't worry about it.

    • Thanks, That was a thought in my head but everything contradicts itself and I become conflicted when it does. I guess I was also worried because she was somewhat quiet yesterday as she somewhat stopped texting for the day. Then again people are busy and I overcomplicate a lot of things. I just care to a point where I don't want anything to go wrong and always need another opinion for this.

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  • If she was forced into the relationship agaisnt her will, then if her parents aren't Islamic, then you should be on the lookout in case it falls apart.

    If she chooses to be in her relationship, then she values him disregarding that, and sees staying with him a better option than breaking up and going off with you.

    This is a difficult matter because there are too many unknowns regarding her intentions. Your side isn't enough to predict how this will go.

    • She was forced into a relationship because it was her best friend at the time and he had been begging to go out for over a year and she'd rather go out with him than having to stop speaking to him completely. I tried to add as much detail as I could but there isn't enough room for my oblivious ranting.

    • Breaking it up is something she will have to make as a decision.

    • I understand, I just don't know if I should be spending more time with her at the moment so she could consider me as an option if she doesn't already. But then again, That could make her lean towards me as a friend. I don't want to push any feelings or emotions on her as there's things going on between them that she won't mention. I'm confused as to why she wastes her time with me in general though.