What does she really want?

I've been seeing someone few months. We have never been officially dating but we spent most of our free time together. She told me that she always has an amazing time with me and thinks I am an incredible person. The last few weeks we have argued and stop talking for a day or two. We make up and spend the weekend together but by Monday she says that there is no romance or another week it's she feels awkward. She has told me she is confused about how she feels. This week she left my place and by the afternoon she told me that she feels that there is no chemistry between us. I told her that I was going to walk away from all of this and she argued that she wants me to be her friend so we can continue to talk and hang out. I find that this would be awkward and don't want this. Why would she want to continue to hang out and talk like nothing has happened? I asked her if I was a last resort and she said that she never thought that way and loves spending time with me. What does she really want?

She was always asked if I still wanted to talk after an argument. After a few days of not talking she was running back and everything was good for a week. She would ask if I wanted her to leve me alone and not talk ever again and I would say no because I wanted her in my life. But this time I said yes and haven't talked to her in 3 days. Should I? or should I leave things be and move on? Sometimes I think she is looking for the fairy tale love story in a movie.


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  • She wants start over official again. See where it goes. Fix the mastakes she made the first time. Love you contently. tell you the truth of everything plus some. So do you? Can u handle the new and improved?

    • I care greatly for her and may even be ready to say that I love her. She has told me that she thinks I am amazing and incredible and I will make someone very happy one day. I go to walk away and she fights to keep me as just a friend. She has shown some red flags but also green ones. She gets super jealous if she thinks I am online (where we met) and always throws in my face about talking to others but she does it to. I've deleted my account and she still has hers hidden. It's been 3 days since I've talked to her. Should I?

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    • I love you. Thats all i know

    • Do I know you?

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  • If what you say is true... seems like she's right. i see a "friends with benefits" relationship in the making though.