How to get women the right way?

Okay this is a question and at the same time somekind of a questionable advice i guess...

How do you get women? we obesses over getting girls and do our best to look and act good, looking good and being confident is indeed a huge part of it, dress nice, smell nice and be clean and confident... but i've noticed something else, no matter what i read or what i do it all comes back to one thing and one thing only... me being the man , basically all those pick up artists and sties teach you how to maneuver with women and take advantage of the little subtle hints they throw around, thats cool and all and it does help but in most cases you have to be confident, stop caring, deprive her of attention, do what you want without caring much about the girls around you... basically typical man behaviour, being a backwards human being in a way gets you the girl lol its funny i must admit but it works... just stop trying to understand women and do whatever you wanna do, understanding them is hard and at the same time is irrelevant since they fall for you when you do things that dont even contribute to you getting to know them...

what do you think?


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  • You sort of answered your own question, so I don't know what to comment on this one...

    • yeah , women like clueless, barbaric men, so play the part and get the woman.

    • I laughed :p.
      You're wrong but w. e.

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  • One tip I can give is that chasing is NOT the way to go, no matter what people will have you believe, chasing will push girls away.

    • indeed my friend indeed, chasing didn't get me but regret and broken feelings when i started to sit on my ass and just look pretty i started actually meeting girls, chasing girls never worked for me, it works for some guys but me personally i suck so bad at pursuing girls that girls are the ones who pursue me, weird i know but i guess everyone is good at something and chasing girls is not my speciality its the other way around lol

  • Women work on two tracks a promiscuity track and a caregiver track. Pick up artists try to trigger the promiscuity track by appearing to be very high status desirable males. From a biological standpoint this kind of male is attractive because any male children the woman has are likely to have highly desirable traits which will help spread her genes far and wide. She has an instinct to mate with this kind of ultra desirable male even if she gets nothing (or even especially if she gets nothing) in return. The other track is a male who will help her raise her children and benefit her genes by increasing the likelihood of their survival. These are instincts from millions of years of evolution which shape but do not determine attitudes.

    Males get maximum evolutionary advantage from being the promiscuous male and switch to the caregiver male if there is no prospect of this. Obviously promiscuous males have to be relatively rare to be exceptional enough to qualify. There is a built in struggle between the sexes where males try to convince females they are exceptionally attractive and females try to make reluctant males into caregivers.

    There was in interesting experiment with a tropical bird which used it's very long tail feather and a song and dance routine to attract females. Scientists noted which males were most successful with females and how long they displayed & etc. Then they cut a section out of the tailfeather of the most successful birds who danced the least before mating and super-glued (I am not making this up) it into the tail of the least successful birds who danced the most, giving them extra-long tails. The low status birds instantly became superstuds who mated with an extraordinary number of females and hardly bothered to dance at all.

    • basically its about status , if you're important they dig you and important can be many things, lots of money and power over others who have less of it, someone who is a trouble maker and others dont wanna mess with him or the most obvious one is the really good looking dude who is good looking, hot and stylish and is confident , he may not be the best nor the brightest but he is good looking and everyone wants to be around him cause we naturally want to be with attractive people, so because others (especially girls ) view you as high value male since not many are as hot as you, most girls are going to see you as a very desirable guy, cause as i mentioned not many are as attractive so you're specialin a way and they translate that statues, not many as hot as him so he holds the advantage (according to women ) right?

    • The promiscuity track is about status and attraction. Attraction for women is a very fluid concept, a lot of it is unconsciously noting what other women seem to find attractive. You can see this most clearly in young women who have not learned to control their enthusiasm. They are susceptible to manias for musicians and celebrities whose attractiveness is largely manufactured by their promoters. If they think other women find him attractive they do too. This is how weird sexually selected traits get started in nature.

    • its about mainstream basically, if iam hot to 10 women the 11th must find me hot too, maybe iam not really that hot to her but since her friends say i am, she starts thinking that having me is a must so iam attractive to her as well and she starts wanting me, its a weird thing tbh ( i mean what makes men high status besides power ) i guess i have to figure out what makes men high status.

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