Does this mean that this person was disappointed and is why she walked away or was it harsh to say this?

After a last minute bail on a date for the 2nd time because apparently, he has a headache and wanted to reschedule tomorro since he just want to rest today. She responded with " It's been nice knowing you. Take Care"


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  • Nah, it don't think it was harsh. If she were to do it after just one bail - especially one to which a reason was given, then that would have been harsh. But to bail two times is just stupid. He should expect a response like that.

    • a little part of me wants to hear from him just to see if he really gives a shit but what are the chances after I even said that? lol
      Anyways, if i don't hear from him that means he was a player anyways?

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    • I really liked him, but I feel this was his fault though. He planned this last week Saturday, he texted me up to Tuesday, enter radio silence up to our date today. I finally messaged him 7:30 in the morning asking if we are still on. 11:30 am, he gave me his bail excuse.

      This is the 2nd time and him just being flakey and minimal messages via text. So I finally dropped the mic, I am bummed.

    • Rightfully so. He doesn't seem worth it.

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  • It was not too harsh. He bailed two times so... he should have expected that sort of reaction.

    • And if after she said that, what do he didn't text back to apologize or anything like that

    • What if he didn't **

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