Can I report someone for dating someone under age by email?

My ex is 20 now and we broke up last summer and he still liked me and I told him to move on...So he moved on...To a girl that is 15! I see him take her of campus for lunch...Or something...and at my school you can't go of campus till your a senior...I'm really made at him ...and everyone say that they have done it... I just want him to learn a lesson and finish college... can I report this or get them to stay away from each other till she's 18


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  • dating is legal, doing sh*t isnt. (depending on age of concent for ur area)


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  • i think you would have to know if they've had sex. better yet, let her parents somehow stumble on this information. find out who she is and then find out who her parents are and send them an anonymous message